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Chili Cheese Topped Salad (with Fries…)


So, we have been working with a limited number of cooking implements since we got to New York a few weeks ago.  Luckily the boyfriend has an awesome mother and cousin who brought out a bunch of great stuff for us to get started with, so I have been able to cook up a few delicious things!  Like this little number:

A Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Quesadilla from my baking and cooking idol, Jessica, over at How Sweet it Is.  Genius.

This accidental favorite:

Graham cracker cereal (like Golden Grahams)+slightly past ripe banana+ milk= Banana Cream Pie Cereal.  It tastes just like it.  Trust me.

And finally, the “recipe” this post is all about: Chili Cheese Topped Salad (with Fries!).


  • One head Romaine lettuce
  • 2 cups sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1-2 cups ground beef/turkey/veggie replacement
  • 1 can chili beans
  • 1-2 cups leftover french fries

Prep time: About 15-20 min

Hear me out on this.

My boyfriend called this creation “ghetto.”


I HATE wasting leftovers. And we had gone out to an awesome dinner the night before.  One that included $4 frozen margaritas in pint glasses, queso fundido, a burger with scrambled egg on top, and some of the best fries ever.  These fries were GREAT and when I reached my limit, some still remained….

I took them home, determined to finish them. I googled how to reheat fries so they don’t lose their crunchy deliciousness, and I succeeded in bringing them back to life!  Like this:

All they need is a quick pan-fry.  I bet they would turn out even better if you had a cast-iron skillet…

Okay, back to the salad.

Start out by rinsing your lettuce and cutting it/ripping it up the way you prefer it in a salad.  Give it a little bit to crisp up (pop it in the fridge for 10-15 min).

Throw those fries in the pan.  They don’t need any oil or anything, just let them go.  If you don’t have leftover fries, just pop your favorite type in the oven probably about 20 min. prior to starting the rest of this, depending on the cook time).

Grate up your cheese if you don’t buy the pre-grated type.

Take the pan you cooked your fries in and cook up your meat/fake meat.  Since I used leftover hamburger (just sliced it up into small pieces), I didn’t do any kind of seasoning, but you might want to through in some garlic, cumin, salt and pepper.  Just to taste. Whatever floats your boat. Drain out any grease from cooking.

Once that is all good and cooked add in your chili beans.  Mix it up.  Let the flavors mingle.

Lay out your bed of lettuce, top with fries and cheese

Next throw on that chili mixture, top with some more cheese, more fries, and you are good to go!

Hope you enjoy your leftovers!