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Packing extravaganza


So, I know this may appear to be a somewhat strange first post, however packing is among the more artistic endeavors that exists for someone making a cross-country move (or really any move with limited space and/or budget).  I have done the cross-country move in 2 bags (and a short-term international move in 1!) quite a few times, but as most out there know, moving into a dorm room is not the same as moving into a legitimate, grown-up apartment.

Moving out of my dorm room last Spring (2010)

So, that brings me to the subject matter of this post.  How do I fit the stuff I have accumulated after 21 years with me to my tiny Upper West Side apartment?

The answer: I can’t.  I won’t.  I have to make some ridiculous decisions!

I will have to post back later on with the answer to how I am going to make these decisions and stuff 2 bags and a few large flat rate boxes with my life, but here is a helpful wardrobe guide I will be using!  I think this could be really useful for people looking to pack  a limited amount or to accumulate a logical collection of clothes! Thanks to Real Simple (my favorite magazine) for the awesome list!