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Is this Missoni thing for real???


Hey there world.  Let me just start off by saying that I try not to get up on my high horse too often to criticize peoples’ actions.  Generally I find straight criticism pretty useless, but I tried to walk away from this one and I really just couldn’t…

I’m talking about this Missoni for Target fiasco.

For those of you who missed what is going on here, an Italian fashion company by the name of Missoni (read about them on Wikipedia) partnered with Target to offer a low-budget version of some of their iconic designs in the chain.  Missoni is a popular, luxury brand, which does not come cheap– a Missoni dress from Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstrom will run you somewhere in the $800-$1,5000 range.  The Target collection offered a “comparable” dress for somewhere around $60.

Long story short, when people found out about this “deal” they descended upon Target stores and Target.com ferociously and bought up the entirety of the collection in the first day it was available.   Many of these people (not all, of course) knew or learned of the demand for these items and turned around and put what they had made out with on ebay or craigslist with enormously inflated prices.

When I heard about this I initially understood what the fuss was all about (even though I personally had never heard of Missoni…at least by name*) and was not at all shocked about the price-gouging via ebay.  All seemed like pretty normal business to me.  The problem really hit me when I started to notice just how ridiculous the defenses people use for asking inflated prices for these items are (not that this is something different than other occasions where people price-gouge).  Today I was cruising my local craigslist and saw the following reasons:

  1. “They don’t match my decor.” x2.  Okay…sure…this excuse seems believable enough, but if the problem is that it doesn’t match why couldn’t you a) return them or b) not charge 3-4x the amount you paid for them…
  2. “____ bought me the exact same one.”x2.  Again, Target does allow returns…even without a receipt you can get store credit.  Also, I sincerely doubt that you are telling the truth here.  Your boyfriend braved the early morning opening to get you a not-very-cute skirt?  Hmmmm…skeptical Alex is skeptical….
  3. “It doesn’t fit and I can’t return it.” C’mon people!  We all know Target allows returns!!!! Stop itttt.
  4. “I stormed the presale and can’t afford all my purchases.”  Well that is honest…but again, returning it will get you the amount of money you spent back!

I guess the point I am trying to make is:

If you can’t just admit you are being greedy and trying to turn a profit, and if that makes you feel guilty, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it! 

Honestly kids, there are a lot of people out there who would have liked to have had a shot at this collection, and hoarding it and trying to make a quick buck off of it is really just kind of rude.  I really hope that people resist buying this stuff off of people at these crazy prices to teach them a lesson.  I personally have no interest in this collection and I think people are kind of overreacting about the whole thing, so I for one will have no problem avoiding their ever-so-enticing “deals.”


If I decide I can’t live without some sweet geometric patterns, I’ll just wait it out til all you crazies are dropping your Missoni for Target off at the local Goodwill 3 months from now.  You probably won’t ever have had the occasion to wear it anyways…it will go nicely with my $4 barely used J.Crew 100% Cashmere sweater.

Oh, I love being frugal.  🙂

*While in the process of researching Missoni a little bit, I figured out that I have actually been in the Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh.  Actually a VERY cool hotel!