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My Review: Amande, Almond Milk Yogurt


So a few months ago I saw a post about Amande, a cultured almond milk yogurt that was being sold at a select few Whole Foods stores.  As someone formerly on a dairy-free diet, and a lover of almond milk, I decided that when I ran across it at the brand-spankin’ new Whole Foods on the campus of my alma matter that I should try it out. The following is my (unsolicited) review of the product!

Let me begin by saying that I am not much of a yogurt person, and when I have abstained from eating dairy products in the past (for asthma/allergy reasons) I developed a deep hatred of soy yogurt (ewwww).  I have long been a fan of almond milk, so I picked up my strawberry amande almond milk yogurt and a little baggie of bulk strawberry granola with deep anticipation.

When I opened the container I was a little skeptical.  I found a layer of separated watery yogurt at the top.  I mixed it in, and crossed my fingers that it would be fully incorporated.  Once I took a bite this is what I found: flavor-wise this yogurt is awesome.  It is not too sweet, definitely not sour, and it is definitely reminiscent of “real” yogurt.

My real hang up (and I suspect the issue for many), was the texture from a visual standpoint.  There is no getting around the fact that this yogurt is not smooth…it is, in fact, rather chunky.  This is a turnoff for me, but I took a bite anyways, and am happy to report that the texture doesn’t feel off.  Once I added some granola, it pretty much fully masked any chunkiness.

Overall, I found my experience with Amande very positive.  I would definitely eat it again (I would love to try some other flavors!) and I would highly recommend it over soy yogurt for the lactose intolerant/vegan out there.

So, if you spot some Amande at your local Whole Foods, definitely check it out!



Anyone else have any thoughts on “fake” dairy products?  I’m always on the lookout for great alternatives!