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Hey! It’s been a little while…and a lot has happened!


Hey Friends!

Sorry about my long absence and the cliffhanger I left you all on…I can explain though! Really, I can!

Let’s just list this baby:

  1. I moved across the country.  Yeah, this is pretty self-explanatory…(for those of you not privy,  I just made the move to NYC, because the boyfriend is attending a certain Ivy-League Law School. Yep, he is a hot-shot for sure).
  2. My sweet, little Manhattan apartment didn’t have Internet hooked up when we arrived. Which was fine, but then…
  3. The cable wire for my sweet, little Manhattan apartment was cut and the cable guy couldn’t set it up…
  4. We had to wait a week for another appointment with a rockin’ cable guy who knew exactly what to do
  5. I was lazy/preoccupied with other things (namely looking for a job) and never got around to posting

So, there you go, the saga of how I started my blog at an inopportune time!  But fear not, my darlings, I am here to stay now!  I am currently going through a bout of “funemployment” (don’t let them fool you, it isn’t really is stressful), that I am turning into a time to work on cooking, crafting, and blogging!

Now that that is all done with.  Let’s get into the meat of this post! 

I posed a serious question at the end of my last post.

How exactly are you supposed to pack the life you have accumulated over the course of 21 years into a limited number of suitcases??

My steps:

  1. Make some tough decisions. Goodness knows that I have a TON of stuff.  The first, and hardest step, is to decide what will come with and what will get to stay at home in your closet with your 17 year old sister.  This is what my pile looked like (it may have grown ever-so-slightly):
  2. Find the right bag/box combo.  I wanted to use one bag (just for the ease of getting it in/out of the airport) but wound up choosing to use 2 bags and 2 extra large flat rate boxes.  As much as I really wanted to jam all of my life into one LARGE suitcase, lugging a 70 pound suitcase up four flights of stairs to my new apartment sounded like a broken back waiting to happen, so I caved and threw it all into two medium size bags.
  3. Pack smart!In my opinion, the biggest reason people wind up checking too many bags/bringing too many boxes is because they don’t optimize their space.  Just invest in these babies:

    I swear by these!

    I promise you won’t regret it.  I haven’t received anything from the creators of the Space Bag to tell you this.  I honestly swear by them.  They are one of the few gimmicky things that I have found really work, and they are a life saver!  Plus it is an extra layer of security from anything in your luggage getting lost/stolen.

    4.  Keep trying until you get it right.  No one said packing was easy.  I unpack and repack until I maximize the amount of stuff I can fit.  In the end my final luggage looked like this:

    Stuffed to the brim!

    It took me about three times to get there, so don’t give up!  It is possible and you can do it!

    That’s all on the packing front!  Stay tuned for some sweet, easy recipes that

    I have been cooking up the last few weeks!


Packing extravaganza


So, I know this may appear to be a somewhat strange first post, however packing is among the more artistic endeavors that exists for someone making a cross-country move (or really any move with limited space and/or budget).  I have done the cross-country move in 2 bags (and a short-term international move in 1!) quite a few times, but as most out there know, moving into a dorm room is not the same as moving into a legitimate, grown-up apartment.

Moving out of my dorm room last Spring (2010)

So, that brings me to the subject matter of this post.  How do I fit the stuff I have accumulated after 21 years with me to my tiny Upper West Side apartment?

The answer: I can’t.  I won’t.  I have to make some ridiculous decisions!

I will have to post back later on with the answer to how I am going to make these decisions and stuff 2 bags and a few large flat rate boxes with my life, but here is a helpful wardrobe guide I will be using!  I think this could be really useful for people looking to pack  a limited amount or to accumulate a logical collection of clothes! Thanks to Real Simple (my favorite magazine) for the awesome list!