Thanks for visiting my blog, Life of a Dabbler!  My name is Alex and I am the dabbler around here.  Read on to get a quick introduction to who I am and what I do here.  Hope to see you subscribe soon! 🙂

In London with Tom (the bf)

Who are you and what gives you the right? 

Well, I just said that my name is Alex, but aside from that… I am a recent college graduate and (as of August 11, 2011) a fresh California transplant to New York City.  I am into a lot of things (thus, I dabble), and I needed a way to document my adventures in baking, cooking, crafting, traveling, and generally attempting to be a functional adult.  Also, my friends (namely my friend Meg) bullied me into getting this going!

In terms of why I have the right to author a blog, I consider myself a generally competent human being that has something to offer in the blogosphere.  I won’t claim that I am the best at anything, but I love to try new things out and share my insight into everyday life.  I am an avid blog reader, recipe favoriter, craft ogler, and compulsive bargain hunter.  I want to share my awesome finds, budget-friendly lifestyle and fun personality with anyone who is interested!

That’s all I got, so I hope it’s good enough!

Happy reading!


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