I’m dreaming….


Of having the money, or willingness to spend money once I do, required to procure this cardigan from Zara:

If you find a similar one at Goodwill and want to send it to me let me know.  Kthanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

PS this post is categorized under “budget” even though it is clearly a “budget killer” because I am thinking about trying to find it second hand, and therefore cheaper…also, it is a reminder not to go on Zara’s website anymore….haha mhmmm.


About lifeofadabbler

I am a recent alum of George Washington University with a BA in Sociology. I love to bake, organize and craft. I love to dance and do yoga and pilates (if only I could afford them...). I like things that are a little messy (but not dirty!) because I think it adds character. Oh yeah, I also hate onions.

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